Vietnam loses domestic fruit market

The Vietnam fresh fruit segment is brimming with untapped potential for production and export, says the Vietnam Vegetable and Fruit Association, but has lost the domestic market over food safety concerns.

Nearly 70% of the land in the country is suitable for growing produce, and more than half of the population works in the agricultural sector. 

The plain facts are that the fruit segment has lost the domestic market as evidenced by the volume of imported fruit that is on supermarket shelves throughout the country, despite the fact the selling prices are five times as high.

In many supermarkets in Hanoi, for example, domestic fruit is nowhere to be found as it has been replaced by kiwi from New Zealand, grapes from Australia and apples from the US.

Local consumers are turning away from fruit grown in Vietnam because they are concerned about its safety. Grocers in turn are stocking foreign fruit in response to consumer demand.

source: english.vietnamnet.vn via www.freshplaza.com
Publication date: 4/18/2017

Image: Wikimediacommons_dragfyre

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