Paths to Market

Recently AHEA collaborated with HIA and Austrade to produce the "Paths to Market" document, to provide information for horticultural producers wishing to export, particularly for the first time. This document was designed to provide a basis for discussions around export, and to facilitate the formation of appropriate supply chain partnerships to enable the initiation of trade.
This document identifies four generic options available for Australian producers wishing to export their products:
1. Single grower/exporter
2. Online
3. Large exporter/Brand
4. Trader/consolidator

"Paths to Market" then details the division of roles and risks under each of these models between the relevant supply chain participants. This is a more nuanced approach whereby producers are able to assess the limitations of the capacity of their enterprise and be encouraged to form relationships with supply chain partners to address any deficiencies.
Greater collaboration is needed between participants in the value chain to understand and embrace these models that leverage their expertise to improve quality of the produce traded and build market share. All parties in the chain play a role and need to be integrated into the strategy.
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“This project has been funded by the Australian Trade Commission as a part of the Asian Business Engagement (ABE) grant program and is supported by Trade and Investment Queensland and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland.”

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