Asian market continues importing Australian avocados despite high price

Asian markets are paying top dollar for Australian avocados, according to one of the industries biggest players in Western Australia.

Jennie Franceschi who runs one of the largest avocado packing and processing companies in Western Australia said, usually at this time of year, with avocado supplies low in Australia because of seasonal and environmental factors, she would not be exporting many avocados due to the high price point.

She said this year, however, Asian markets were still demanding the fruit.
"It's going crazy," she said. "I have not seen this level of return on export fruit, ever.

"Normally the Asian export market doesn't go for it at this level but I've been bombarded in the last two weeks despite the fact that the price is high."

She said her customers in Asia had been willing to pay a landed price of up to $50 a tray when they were usually used to a maximum price of $20 a tray.

source: abc.net.au via www.freshplaza.com

Publication date: 9/5/2017

Image: Pixabay_pexels


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