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The Australian Horticultural Exporters’ Association and Lockyer Valley Growers invite all south-east Queensland fruit and vegetable growers/exporters to join us at the:

Exporting to Asia: Opportunities and Challenges Seminar

Wednesday, 20 April

Lakeview Room, Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre, 34 Lake Apex Drive Gatton

9:00am-2:00pm including a networking lunch (1:00-2:00pm)

Seminar topics include:

  • Market access: understanding the protocol negotiation process
  • Addressing market access issues including the latest R&D projects
  • The exporter's experience: the challenges of exporting
  • Export opportunities for regional fruit and vegetables in Asian markets

This seminar has been funded by Austrade and is supported by Trade and Investment Queensland and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Interested participants should contact admin@ahea.com.au  in order to receive further details . 


The Australian Horticultural Exporters' Association Ltd (AHEA) is an autonomous association of horticultural export and import organisations, independent and self funded, representing 80% of all Australian horticultural exports.


AHEA is a national association formed to promote the development of the export and import of fresh horticultural produce.  AHEA's board and members are representative stakeholders across the horticulture industry.

AHEA represents the views of Australian exporters and importers to government agencies, producers and service industries and provides a point of contact for these entitled.


Membership is open to any organisation involved in the Australian horticultural export or import industry.  Members gain access to information on export and import markets by country and the latest on industry issues.

Contact ahea@ahea.com.au for information on how to become an AHEA member.  Also see left tab "About AHEA" for more information.

2015/16 AHEA Membership

If you haven’t received your AHEA renewal registration form and invoice, please contact us at admin@ahea.com.au.

It is only with the ongoing financial support of members that AHEA can continue to represent your interests to all relevant agencies.


AHEA National Office:

Brisbane Markets, Level 2, Building J1, Warehouse C, South East Gate, 385 Sherwood Road, Rocklea  QLD  4106

PO Box 346, Brisbane Markets   QLD   4106

Phone:  61+ (0) 7 3379 4983

 1800 2EXPORT

Fax:       61+ (0) 7 3101 9886

Email:    ahea@ahea.com.au



AUSSIE DOLLAR - The Australian dollar rises

Optimism about China drove the Australian dollar back above 70 US cents overnight

The Australian dollar was trading back at 70.2 US cents at 7:30am, a full cent up on a day earlier.

Despite the focus on China, they were willing to look past some weak trade data released yesterday.

The value of Chinese exports fell by 6 per cent in August, compared to a year earlier, while imports were down nearly 14 per cent.

Last updated 9 September 2015.

Barnaby releases Green Paper

Barnaby Joyce, Ag Minister, released today the Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper.  The Green Paper identifies nine policy principles, including greater returns to the farm gate, secure futures for family farms, infrastructure for the 21st century and a stronger voice for Australian farmers. 

 The AHEA will be preparing a submission in response and invite members to comment back to AHEA so it may submit a clear industry viewpoint.  Please have feedback in by 30 November, 2014 to ahea@ahea.com.au

20 October, 2014

$15 million assistance to small exporters soon to be announced

The AHEA has spent the past twelve months writing letters and holding meetings at State and Federal levels to promote a fees and charges review and continue rebates on Export Registration fees.  Subsequently, the Department has now finalised the communications package for the Package Assisting Small Exporters which will be shortly released.

Letters and a copy of the rebate application form have been sent to export registered establishments across the meat, seafood, eggs, grain and horticulture sectors.

Further information http://www.daff.gov.au/boisecurity/export/package-assisting-small-exporters .

16 August 2014

RUSSIA - bans Australian Foods
Australian agricultural food products including fresh fruit and vegetables will bear the brunt of a ban on import into Russia from Australia for 12 months in the latest war of words as Australia presses Russia on the current conflict in Ukraine and recent downing on the Malaysia MH17 aircraft. Total agricultural exports to Russia affected by the ban are estimated to be worth $400 million including meat, dairy, wine and fresh F & V.  However Industry sources believe for fresh fruit and vegetables alternative markets will be found for as much as $50 million in exports to Indonesia, Malaysia, and China. 12 August 2014


AHEA has restructured its Victorian association, formed in 1986, to become the national representative body (not for profit).  AHEA will continue to represent horticultural exports however will also include imports into its market access and trade discussions.  The AHEA under its new constitution, promotes the trade of horticultural produce, both ways.

AHEA Executive Director, Michelle Christoe, said ‘industry had been discussing the need for national representation and one that could be representative of both import and export discussions in order to meet the needs of the global market’.

Earlier this year, an extra-ordinary meeting was held with industry to enlist the support of members in the export and import industry and the extended supply chain to vote on the possible alternative structures and it was unanimously agreed to restructure to better represent the needs of industry into the future.

 Further consultation into its activities will be discussed in a forthcoming workshop and AGM on 16 September being held at the Holiday Inn, Melbourne, where a decision would be made about priorities of the new organisation.  

21 July 2014



“As a nation we need to understand Asian market requirements and preferences in order to adapt production and capitalise on the Asian opportunity.”said Michelle Christoe, Executive Director, Australian Horticulture Exporters Association (AHEA). 

“The Asian Business Engagement Plan will also assist Australian business to pursue opportunities created by the successful conclusion of bi-lateral trade agreements with both Korea and Japan – two of our biggest trading partners,” Mr Robb, Minister for Trade and Investment said.

Australian Horticultural Exporters Association will receive $159,000 to develop online knowledge-sharing resources between exporters and Asian counterparts and build strategic partnerships in Korea, China and Japan.  This project is supported also by in-kind contribution from the DAFF Queensland and State Department, Trade & Investment.

2 July, 2014

A New HAL - What does that mean?

An Independent review of Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) and the horticulture levy system was recently conducted by ACIL Allen and found it was plagued by conflicts of interest and limited value for money, suggesting a ‘new HAL’.  

David Minnis, Chair of the Australian Horticultural Exporters Association (AHEA), commented in response to the recommendations and report; “I find it absolutely amazing that there was not one mention of export in the whole review.  Unless we have export, the horticulture industry is doomed.  We overproduce for the domestic market and the growers need to have that extended market in order to survive into the future.”

Recommendations concluded however are consistent with some of the AHEA submission regarding HAL improving its strategic management, reducing costs, simplifying processes and increasing national leadership.  As we look to strengthen industry and exports, we need to assess how we can remain competitive, increase market access, innovate and increase productivity so that horticulture remains a viable industry.

“The R&D focus needs to reflect areas of disinfestations, cold chain management, post harvest handling and transport studies.  Export needs to be embraced and R&D funds must be put towards this sector in a positive manner.  HAL needs to work closer with associate organisations like Australian Horticulture Exporters Association (AHEA) so that they are current on the issues that affect export and in turn, albeit grower returns”, says Minnis.

The full review of HAL is available via HAL’s website.

13 May, 2014

AHEA: opens its new offices in Brisbane

AHEA's new regional offices are in Brisbane Markets, Southgate

Contact: Michelle Christoe,  Executive Director Mob: 0413 200 404      

Email: michellec@ahea.com.au                                                                      

Postal address: Brisbane Market PO Box 346, Brisbane Market QLD. 4106.                 April 2014


Australian Horticultural Exporters’ Association has welcomed the launch of the Australian Free Trade Agreement with South Korea which will take effect today.

The Australia – Korea Free Trade Agreement’s (KAFTA) introduction will mean that many Australian exporters will benefit from an immediate tariff cut by Korea, and a further tariff cut on 1 January 2015; shoring up our competitiveness in one of horticulture’s potential major export markets.  Australia has been trading behind the eight ball with the US, Chile and New Zealand already holding FTA’s.

December 2014

Quarantine: DAFF announces establishment of National Documentation Hub!
DAFF announces that the Plant Exports National Documentation Hub (NDH) will be implemented in the South East Region on 17 February 2014.  The NDH aims to deliver consistent plant export certification cross Australia.  The NDH will provide a central point for receiving and processing the majority of plant export documentation. It will also provide a central point of contact for all enquiries relating to plant export requirements and export certification. DAFF Feb 2014  

Shipping: Another major carrier to quit Australia.
It has been reported that ZIM and affiliate Gold Star Line will leave Australia next month after terminating a slot swap agreement with Singapore's PIL within the SAS group. In a notice to customers ZIM advised that it had terminated a slot agreement with ACX service and had decided on a withdrawal from servicing Australia. Lloyd's List Jan 2014

South Korea: FTA finalised great news for exporters!
The Federal Government no Thursday 5 Dec 2013 announced the conclusion of the long awaited FTA with South Korea - anticipated to increase Australian exports to Korea by 73 per cent over the coming 15 years.  Tariffs will be eliminated on Australian agricultural exports to Korea such as wheat, sugar, dairy, wine, horticulture and seafood, as well as resources, energy and manufactured goods. For fresh fruit & vegs there are some positive outcomes, including , immediate elimination of tariffs on cherries and potatoes, elimination over 5 years for table grapes and carrots, elimination over 7 years for oranges and apricots and 10 years for mangoes, plums and peaches. For some products, the tariff elimination is on a seasonal basis, reverting to a higher tariff during our off season.....More comment News & Views  AHEA 6 Dec 2013

AHEA - highlighting importance of agricultural policy promises
The Australian Horticultural Exporters Association (AHEA) congratulates the new Coalition government on their election win – highlighting the importance of the horticulture industry to rural and regional Australia and needs to remain a priority as part of the national agenda. “It is critical for the future growth of agriculture in this country that the agriculture sector and exports remain profitable and competitive.  While grains and livestock are our biggest exports, the greatest untapped potential in agriculture is horticulture.   Horticulture provides 15% of the employment in regional Australia.  It is critical for the horticulture sector that there is continued investment in innovation, supply chain management and market access initiatives to ensure we remain globally competitive,“ AHEA Chair, David Minnis said. AHEA media Release 11 Sept 2013

AHEA - getting a market or trade issue considered is simple.
1. Logon to the Members webpages ( Market Access). If you are not currently an AHEA Member, fill out an AHEA member application form and submit.
2. Download the AHEA Market Access and Trade - Issues Submission Form.
3. Complete the Form and email to AHEA.’
This doesn’t promise that we can resolve the issue....
AHEA: Michelle Christoe Executive Director August 2013

Can't access all the news stories?........ Become a Member today!   


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Horticulture Export Capability Statement brochure

AHEA and Austrade jointly release the Horticulture Export Capability Statement : the first Australian horticulture export brochure since the 1980's.  See the brochure here.

Chinese version here

If you have any comments or suggestions on this brochure, please email admin@ahea.com.au. 


AHEA Export Brochure


Click on the cover to view the AHEA Export Brochure

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AHEA Export Publication

"Export - Before you start."
A publication written in conjunction with DPIVic and the AHEA. Offers essential basic information on starting out to export fresh fruit and vegetables from Australia.

Handbook    $33.00
Postage         $7.00
Total              $40.00
Available from AHEA National Office
Call      03 9210 9380
or email:  ahea@ahea.com.au

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